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Our Staff

Read about our staff team below.We undertake regular training to ensure we are providing the very best care.

Ann Gray

Owned Coombe House since 1984

Proprietor and Manager

Trained at St Bartholomew’s and qualified in 1970 as a registered general nurse. Ann bought Coombe House in 1984 and the first resident arrived in March 1985.

"I still enjoy what I do every day."

Angela Tamblyn

At Coombe since 2012

Deputy Manager

"I really like seeing the relief on families' faces when they visit and know they've done the right thing"

Dawn Champion

At Coombe since 1997

Senior Carer

"I like that it's REALLY person centred"

Wendy Portlock

At Coombe since 2002

"I love the way people can come into the kitchen when I'm cooking and steal cakes and bananas"

Jenny Hill

At Coombe since November 2007

"I've worked in loads and loads of care homes and this is by far the best I've ever worked in"

Sharon Santillo

At Coombe since April 2009


"I love the way that, when I’m cooking, I'm still in the middle of the family with people coming in and out of the kitchen to help with anything they choose."

Jon Hoskin

At Coombe since April 2010

Responsible for Care Planning. Fire Warden

"Working with The Butterfly Project gives the people who live here real freedom"

Trinet Edwards

At Coombe since May 2010

"I feel like I'm caring for members of my own family"

Trinet is having a baby boy in November, we hope they will both come back to work next year.

Rosie Champion

Rosie has left us for an adventure in Dublin. We really hope she will come back to us one day!

Joy Hawes

At Coombe since 2011

Responsible for Medications

"I like the Home from Home"

Tracey Nicholls

At Coombe since 2011

Keeps the house clean!

"I like working in the free and friendly atmosphere"

Alana Cliffe

At Coombe since 2014

“It’s laid back here. I like the fact that there are no uniforms, there’s no ‘them and us’ “

Alana is having a baby girl in November, we hope they will both come back to work next year.

Sara Hawes

At Coombe since November 2014

"I find Coombe a really calm nurturing environment even though a lot of hard work is being done"

Donna Sibley

At Coombe since December 2014

"It's not like coming to work, I can be myself"

Angie Masters

David Woolley

“You couldn’t live with Ann and not care passionately about the work we do at Coombe House”

Penny Wheeler

I have always been some part of Coombe House, returning to work here with Joshua when he was two, in 2015.

Rebecca Hawes

At Coombe House since 2016

Alli Symons

At Coombe since Feb 2018

Lyndsay Panton

At Coombe since January 2017

Julie Antysz

At Coombe since May 2016


“Coombe is a lovely place to cook using produce from the garden and eggs from our own hens”

Tina Stone

At Coombe since Feb 2018


Jane Stewart

At Coombe House since 2015


Nicola Macleay

At Coombe since Feb 2018

Sara Harbour

At Coombe House since June 2018

“you need to take your NHS head off as you come through the door!”

Nicola Wrigley

At Coombe since July 2018

Nicola has moved back to Dobwalls from working in a Care Home in Bude and comes with wonderful references

Kadi Saviauk

At Coombe since July 2018

Kadi has moved to Liskeard from The Rock at Buckfastleigh and comes with wonderful references

Others at Coombe

Sally Pestell

At Coombe since October 2014

After many years of teaching in Primary schools in Cornwall decided to embark on a career change and in 2015 graduated from Bristol UWE with an MA in Music Therapy. I have worked at Coombe since October 2014 where hold a weekly open music therapy group and also work with some individual residents (upon request). . In the group session we work with memorable music and songs as this is a powerful way to unlock precious memories from the past and bring them into the present moment. Music therapy can support psychological and emotional needs within a safe environment thereby enhancing the quality of life. I have noticed how there is always a positive mood shift by the end of the session. We sing, play, dance, laugh and cry together interacting in a way that is meaningful and usually full of fun! . I love my Work at Coombe because it gives residents an opportunity to be heard and valued for who they are. I consider it a privilege to be able to witness that. Every week is different but the 'golden moments' are always there! The hardworking and dedicated staff together with the nurturing ethos of Coombe make it a very special and unique place.

Phil Wright

I come to Coombe once a week to hold an hour’s seated Tai Chi session with residents, staff and sometimes family members. I find it has a really calming influence on the people who sit with me and I am told this often lasts for the whole day. I really enjoy the sessions, they are different every week and full of surprises. Coombe House has a very creative air and the atmosphere is a pleasure to work in. Most sessions end in a wonderful meditative state and as a group we try to send this out throughout the lovely house and gardens.

My name is Phil Wright, an Advanced Instructor of Tai Chi Chuan and QiGong with the Tai Chi Union of Great Britain. I think Tai Chi (or similar practices) are vital to good health. I have been practising Tai Chi and QiGong for nearly thirty years and I am married with two wonderful children who inspire me every day with their vitality. Living in Cornwall, I have a love of the sea and practice my Tai Chi on the beach and cliffs as well as surf, walk and birdwatch.

Alison Pugh

I am a qualified Complementary Therapist and my passion lies in Reflexology. I work with people 'in the moment' using positive touch, with the primary intention being relaxation. I use music and aroma to create a calming environment where I adapt the treatment to the individuals' needs. I work specific points on the feet to promote calm, reduce anxiety and encourage relaxation. This feeling may carry on throughout the day, lifting the mood and encouraging better sleep. I have been privileged to witness some 'magical moments' and it is an honour to be part of the team at Coombe House. It is a special place with the people’s needs at its heart and I am delighted to be able to contribute to the well being of the people who live there.

"It is a special place with the people’s needs at its heart and I am delighted to be able to contribute to their well being."

All photos by Penelope Wheeler