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Some sad news relating to Ruby.

Sadly we had to say goodbye to Ruby a few days ago. Everyone will miss her at Coombe. Thank you to Penny Stephens of Kerewas Goldies for a beautiful dog and to Albert Cottage Vets in Saltash for their excellent and compassionate care.


Coombe House has again received a Level One Star kite-mark award from Dementia Care Matters at the audit this March.
Homes registered with Dementia Care Matters are kite-marked under the ‘Butterfly’ scheme, which closely examines all aspects of the Home, emphasizing the quality of ‘person centered’ care being given.
There are “Butterfly Homes” all over the UK and also now in Canada and Australia. A small percentage of homes achieve a Level One rating, but Coombe House is the only one to be awarded a ‘ Star’, an award created for them, to reflect the exceptional level of care.
It is a testament to the quality and hard work of the staff team, their training and their dedication to this emotional work, and the leadership of Ann Gray.
In their Official Report, Dementia Care Matters said “overall the Home is in a League of its own with respect to the exceptionally high levels of person centred dementia care it achieves”

Following the Panorama revelations this week, I wrote to all the families who have people they love living with us at Coombe:
As a response to last night’s Panorama programme, I’d like to reassure you (if that is either the correct word, or if indeed that can be done) that I wept, all of us wept, just as any of you who saw it will have done.
What can I say? What can we do?
We would ask you to bring your concerns to us (however small) ring, visit, email. We are always there for you.
If we don’t give you the answers you want, try again in case we haven’t understood. Ask to speak to me, to Angie, or to Dawn.
Visit any time you like, day or night, stay the night if that makes you feel less anxious. Coombe is well inspected, by the Cornwall Quality and Assurance team and CQC, whatever you might think of them.
We are proud of our Dementia Care Matters kite mark.
People from outside visit regularly, whether that is the church, Sally, the music therapist, or Phil the Tai Chi man! All are outsiders looking in who can make sure nothing happens that would cause them to question what we do.
Everything we saw on Panorama last night is a cause for distress but also anger. They tar us with their brush.
We are not the same, we never have been, we are appalled and horrified that such things are allowed to happen.
All the staff who work in those homes are culpable by not speaking out, some staff should have their registration withdrawn and never work again.
We take pride in our good practice and we love what we do.
We refuse to let such practice diminish us.
We will continue to do our very best to look after your loved ones as if they were our own.
Talk to us,
PS Cornwall say they have been working with the Morleigh group since October 26th. if you have concerns about the programme, or about the Cornwall Safeguarding team, you can contact them on 01872224210.
Many families have responded to this letter immediately, which has been overwhelming. Many replies have had me in tears! all of them have been shared with the team here. I want to thank everyone for their continuing support of what we do here. We couldn’t do it without you.