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  • Butterfly Home

  • Butterfly Home

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Upstairs, we have 8 bedrooms, all of which overlook our gardens, a bathroom and a separate lavatory. Downstairs we have a kitchen, gorgeously refurbished by Treyonne Kitchens this summer, 3 reception rooms and one large ensuite bedroom with access to the garden. In the ground floor extension, we have 7 bedrooms, one with garden access, a beautiful new bathroom/shower/wetroom and also a separate lavatory.

Coombe has an up to date fire system which is serviced and maintained by Firewatch of Newton Abbot. Tests are carried out weekly to ensure the system is constantly in good working order and staff have Fire Training on a regular basis.

The Home is cleaned regularly by our staff and re-decoration of rooms takes place between vacancies.

We have a Stannah stair lift in the Home. Both bathrooms have bathing hoists, and downstairs, we have a shower which can be accessed by wheelchair. All lavatories are fitted with handrails, as are our corridors. We also have a variety of lifting equipment for our frail people. Special beds and other aids can be provided by the community nursing team if appropriate.

The laundry room has migrated into the garden where it sits next to long washing lines which catch the wind and sun. Our basement area houses our office and a guest room and bathroom